Bernice Maxton-Lee

I am a doctoral researcher on the political economy of deforestation and conservation in Indonesia. Credit Graeme Maxton 2010

Deforestation in Indonesia is a serious global problem, but the reasons behind it are misunderstood.  Destruction and degradation of Indonesia’s rainforests will continue, until there are sustainable, long-term alternatives that make financial, historical and political sense to Indonesia.  I want to understand the context in which deforestation takes place, to help design logical, workable policy solutions.

By examining stakeholder engagement and the implementation of market conservation approaches such as REDD+ and RSPO, my research seeks to identify the assumptions and structures contributing to deforestation, and to suggest new strategies for engagement in anti-deforestation measures.

I have spent half my life living, working and studying in Southeast Asia.  My fascination with the causes of Indonesia’s deforestation stems from the two years I spent running the Singapore office of an international environmental NGO

I divide my time between Zurich, Hong Kong and Indonesia.  I have a Master’s degree in Environmental Technology and International Affairs, and an undergraduate degree in Modern Chinese Studies.